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The Chaplain provides his/her particular skills and gifts in meeting the immediate pastoral and practical needs of those at the scene of a trauma. They serve to facilitate a support system for the family or individual involved. The Chaplain will at all times be subordinate to, and take directions from the Emergency Responder in charge, remembering that the Chaplain's role is that of a minister/servant, never that of a public service responder. The Chaplain will provide pastoral care to the Emergency Response personnel and their families as they cope with the unique stress of caring for the community they serve.

Pastoral Services Available

  • Assisting Emergency Service Responders in crisis situations (accidents, fires, domestic violence, suicide, etc.)
  • Death notifications
  • Participating in agency functions
  • Debriefings (many of the chaplains have completed CISM training)
  • Counseling (crisis scene-victims/families, ESR/families)
  • Serving as a liaison between agencies and the community

Chaplain services are not limited to the above list. These services only represent a sample of existing opportunities for the Chaplain's ministry. The Chaplain is to use his/her own pastoral skills, gifts and style in dealing with any situation. Where appropriate, he/she will make referral of the persons involved to an appropriate support agency.

See a list of our chaplains and board of directors.

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